AI-Driven Student Feedback and Analytics

Educators obtain the exact concepts that students understood or struggled with during class without any learning curve or having to lift a finger

Gain key performance metrics to enhance institutional effectiveness. Notetonic’s unique analytics instantly connect and strengthens your school’s teaching, learning, student success teams, centres for teaching excellence, and executive team

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The Notetonic app is made by a team of educators and technologists at ICUBE of the University of Toronto - Mississauga

AI-based Student Notetaking and Engagement

As students often forget certain concepts during class, our AI-based tool also understands what they're taking notes on and instantly connects engaging concept definitions and visuals to their fingertips in real-time to help students keep up during class

Interactive Notetaking

Our special add-in allows students to take notes and gather concept-specific visual and textual information as they take notes on their laptop.

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