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Without using any tech, ask a question at the end of class to assess student learning and Notetonic's app obtains student responses and uses AI to summarize them for you

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Harvard said the "one-minute" paper" assessment technique was "the single most successful innovation that the teachers had applied in their classrooms". Educators at the University of Toronto brought this proven technique into the 21st Century with AI. Strengthen your school's teaching, learning, student success team and data-driven decisions.

4 Easy Steps to Notetonic

Written arguments or answers allow for greater critical thinking and engagement than multiple choice polling. But educators don't have time to adopt new tech to use during class, or read written responses. Here's the solution:

Step 1

Ask an engaging question at the end of class (e.g., verbally, on a whiteboard, or on a PowerPoint slide).

Step 2

Notetonic is automated to have students submit responses anonymously, and rapidly capture other learning insights.

Step 3

After class, AI summarizes student responses - from concept connections made to what extent students grasped the lesson.

Step 4

Students feel valued and engaged when you discuss responses at the beginning of the next class.

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