Student Interaction & Analytics

A powerful AI extracts interactive keywords from a student's note in real-time to generate unique learning analytics for educators

Notetonic's AI connects students to the right concepts and resources from our digital library in real-time to help students keep up with class. Student interaction with these concepts provides real-time analytics of learning gaps.


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Innovating Far Beyond Polling Questions

Not only do we match EdTech apps that poll questions, our AI-based notetaker uniquely shows which concepts students are struggling with in real-time


Students often do not raise their hands to share their learning. Student interaction with concepts lets them be in the driver seat and further engage them through polling questions.

Digital Library

We efficiently add a professor's customized dataset and textbook material that provides students real-time concept assistance to help them keep up with class.

Live Stats

Educators are far more effective when they are on the same page as their students. Through students using our AI-based notetaker, educators see unique real-time analytics of concept-specific learning gaps.


What students are saying about Notetonic

"The images in the Keywords Feed make it much easier to recall the timeline of the lecture" - Daniel G., Computer Science Student, University of Toronto

"It cuts the time needed to find and open the slides, the ability to do that with one button is great" - Yara S., Communication, Culture, Information & Technology, University of Toronto

"It makes accessing all the keywords and important concepts easy to access and compiled all in one place" - Nahil A., Forensic Sciences Student, University of Toronto

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Use Textbooks During Class

Our digital library allows for textbook material to be integrated with the course

Learning Analytics

Educators try to get students to read textbooks after class. Despite the hard work that goes into making each textbook, they are hardly read. Notetonic is leading a fundamental shift here. We make textbooks content come to life during class as students are taking notes. How does it do that? With our digital library technology, we can easily integrate any textbook material including images, videos and text, and make it interactive to derive powerful learning analytics. Many students often forget what certain concepts mean when the teacher is lecturing. As the student types their note, our AI rapidly determines relevant information from the textbook and provides it in a concise way to students in real-time. Students found Notetonic to be an important tool for their learning. As soon as they were about to fall behind during class, they looked to the side in the app for a quick visual and definition of the concept and kept up. Bringing information to the fingertips of students is the way to the future.

Moving Classrooms Years Ahead

Interaction done through unique ways using a keyword system

Students use the debate cloud, thought cloud and multiple choice options to answer questions posed by the educator. Finally, an instant way to see what students know and are thinking. Students can be engaged using any smartphone, tablet or laptop by simply answering the questions on their device, all from Notetonic's app. Students are engaged by selecting the keywords from the notes they have taken and thereby notifying the educator what areas they are not fully clear on or lack understanding in.


An Ingenious Way to Get Real-time Data

Through Notetonic you can get world-class real-time analytics

Learning Analytics

Many educators face the problem of not knowing what areas their students lack understanding in. Through the use of learning analytics, an educator can pin-point exactly what knowledge areas students are struggling with and how well the students are learning the curriculum. These indicators, structured as graphs and number charts, allow the educator to determine how well they are teaching and how well the students are picking up the class material. These analytics are powerful and help the educator know what areas need greater clarification which greatly improves teaching and instruction.

Utilizing the Power of Artifical Intelligence

Students use the power of AI to get information fast

Notetonic extracts keywords from your note in real-time as you write. Instant displays of concepts as customized by educators help students keep up with class. This allows for quicker indexing of your notes for better studying. You can simply scroll down the keywords and virtually grasp the entire idea of lecture in an amazingly short amount of time. There is more storage space for notes than other notetakers which means you can take more notes without worrying about getting more space.


Notetonic for Online Learning

Good-bye to outdated and disengaged online learning!

Course Integration

The entire online course can be integrated into Notetonic, allowing students to experience a rich learning environment.

No Second Screen

One of the most difficult problems with taking notes for an online course is that you have very little screen space to type notes into.

Other Online Platforms

Notetonic encompasses most major platforms for online learning such Coursera, YouTube, and more.

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